Saddle Trial Policy

Please email us at: to request a saddle trial. Any saddle purchases made through the website are considered sold.

The Tack Trove offers 5 calendar day trials on all saddles. Purchased saddles are sold as-is, with no warranty implied or perceived by The Tack Trove.
All saddle purchases are final sale.

We strongly recommend that potential buyers seek professional saddle fitting advice.

The following outlines our saddle trial agreement. If trialing a saddle, an agreement will be sent to you and will be required to be completed prior to taking a saddle out on trial.

This agreement may be amended by The Tack Trove as necessary at any time.
Terms and Conditions of Trial/Purchase
1. An etransfer (Canadian customers) or PayPal (US customers) payment for the full purchase amount for the saddle(s) is expected upon pickup, and on the return of the saddle the appropriate amount will be refunded to the potential buyer
2. The potential buyer is responsible for collection and return of the saddle at their expense. (In case of shipping the saddle by Canada Post Expedited Parcel, The Tack Trove will arrange for the outward shipping at the potential buyer’s expense and may specify how the saddle is to be returned). Saddles must be
insured for the full purchase price by the potential buyer during shipping to and from The Tack Trove
3. If the saddle is being collected/returned by hand, then arrangements must be made with The Tack Trove in advance
4. It is the potential buyer’s responsibility to call or email The Tack Trove by the end of the trial period to indicate whether or not you (the potential buyer) are keeping the saddle. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiting their deposit, and the saddle will then become the property of the potential buyer
5. Any saddle being returned under this Policy must be received back in our care at the end of the trial period (5 calendar days) - if shipped to you, within 14 days from the shipped date. If the saddle is not returned by the expected return date, the saddle is deemed as purchased by the potential buyer and The Tack Trove will retain the paid purchase amount including due taxes
6. The saddle must be returned in the same condition it left The Tack Trove. Any damage or excessive wear to the saddle while on trial will subject the potential buyer to payment in part or full in order to make any necessary repairs; or in the case where the saddle is deemed unsellable, the potential buyer forfeits their
deposit and the saddle is deemed as purchased by the potential buyer
7. Saddles on trial are provided without accessories unless stated otherwise
8. The saddle may only be used for the horse and rider specified in this agreement. It shall not be otherwise loaned or hired to any other party. The potential buyer agrees to take full responsibility for the saddle until it
is returned to The Tack Trove
9. Saddles are not to be left at the stables or in unlocked tack rooms. They are not to be left sitting on the floor or stable doors. When a cover is provided it should be kept on the saddle when not in use. Not all saddles are provided with a cover. The saddle should not be cleaned with anything other than a damp cloth and an agreed leather cleaner and should not be oiled
10. A cleaning fee of $35 will be charged if the saddle is returned in other than the same condition sent out
11. While The Tack Trove does our best to ensure the safety of saddles on consignment, the potential buyer acknowledges that the saddle may have previous defects or damage prior to being consigned or while on trial with other potential buyers, and that The Tack Trove cannot be held liable for any and all damage, loss, injury, or death of a horse and/or rider while the saddle is on trial or after the saddle has been purchased
12. The potential buyer acknowledges that upon purchasing the saddle, the saddle is deemed their property. Saddles are sold as-is by The Tack Trove, and The Tack Trove cannot be held liable for any damage, loss,
injury, or death that results from a saddle that may have defects or damage

Trials are available across the US and full payment and shipping is required upfront before sending the saddle to you. Should the saddle be returned to us, we will refund you less the PayPal transaction fee (calculated at 2.9% + 30 cents of the total invoice value). The potential buyer is also responsible for any return shipment costs. The Tack Trove is not responsible for paying any duties and taxes resulting from your trial, and it is the buyer's responsibility to request a duties/tax/tariff refund with US Customs. The Tack Trove will do our diligence to file a B2 form with Canadian Customs regarding your refund.

Consignment Agreement