About Us

The Tack Trove is a proudly Canadian company based in the Lower Mainland, BC; offering quality equestrian consignment. Founded by Chris and Britt in 2021, The Tack Trove has grown and developed into a business that has allowed us to connect with each one of you. We’ve built some incredible relationships with our local equestrian community by sponsoring events, going the extra mile for clients, and connecting with local equestrian businesses to support one another.

Chris runs most of the day-to-day operations while also working a full time job in software development at Electronic Arts. Chris is an active competitor, coach, and trainer with dreams of reaching the upper echelons of Eventing with her home-bred filly, Rohan. 

Britt is our valued co-founder, and while she is no longer actively a part of The Tack Trove, her spirit remains intertwined with our journey. Britt's dedication to the equestrian community and her invaluable contributions during her time with us continue to inspire and shape our endeavours. Through her role has shifted, her friendship and advocacy endure.
Why does The Tack Trove exist? Because as equestrians ourselves, we felt there was a big need for quality consignment items. Not only as purchasers, but a place to consign items with fair and competitive commission rates. Who has time to sell 100 items on different Facebook with 100 different pick up times? Our goal is to give you a great place to shop with exceptional customer service.
We hope you enjoy shopping at The Tack Trove.

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