Please be advised The Tack Trove is temporarily closed.

About Us

The Tack Trove is a proudly Canadian company that was originally founded in the Lower Mainland, BC, offering quality equestrian consignment. Founded by Chris and Britt in 2021, The Tack Trove has grown and developed into a business that has allowed us to connect with our local equestrian community.

While Chris and Britt were the founders of The Tack Trove, they are no longer operating the business.

We started The Tack Trove because, as avid equestrians ourselves, we saw a significant need for quality consignment items. We wanted to provide not only a place to purchase high-quality equestrian gear but also a hassle-free consignment service with fair and competitive commission rates. Our goal is to offer you a great place to shop with exceptional customer service.

Exciting changes are on the horizon as The Tack Trove will soon be under new management. While Chris and Britt have cherished their time building and nurturing this business, they are confident that the new management team will continue to uphold the values and commitment to quality that you have come to expect from The Tack Trove.

We hope you continue to enjoy shopping at The Tack Trove and look forward to the new chapter ahead.

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