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Black Premier Equine Air Cooled Original Eventing Boots, size Small

$49.12 Regular price $134.52

Good used condition Premier Equine Air Cooled original eventing boots

  • Made from a combination of 2520 denier ballistic nylon and microfibre leather.
  • Strong yet supple microfibre leather covers the important parts of the boot, around the fetlock, straps and strike guard.
  • EVA lining which is waterproof.
  • Venting allows air to pass through the boot, reducing heat under the boot.
  • Strike guard runs down the back of the front boots, and down the front of the hind boots.
  • Sold in a set of 4, front and hind boots.
  • These boots have some obvious scuffing from use, but are otherwise in excellent working order. One of the hind boots has a chunk missing on the inside (see photos) but this shouldn't impact use.

Size: small