Black Ego 7 Aries Dress Boots, size 6 S/+1

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Excellent used condition Ego 7 Aries dress boots are designed by Franco Tucci with exquisite Italian design and attention to detail.

  • Made of supple, full-grain cowhide
  • Drum-dyed inner lining for added comfort and durability
  • E-Tex inner leg panels offer added protection and enhance contact with the horse
  • Integrated 3-level spur rest
  • Full-length rear zipper
  • The padded leather flap protects the calf from the zipper
  • Shock-absorbing insoles
  • Double-stitched seams in high-stress areas
  • Already broken in and ready to go!

Size: 6 S/+1 (EU 37 foot, 46cm height and 31.7cm/33.8cm calf)